Art, Culture, and Science: Free Admission to the Best Museums

Often times, we see wonderful art, cultural, or science exhibits in wonderful museums in movies, television, and advertisements.  We want to know what all the talk is about and make a connection to these pieces of work. The only problem is we tend to not have enough money to pay for ourselves, let alone an entire family and the concessions which we will inevitable purchase along the way.  Taking a family can cost well over $100 dollars and often much more. The money really adds up and we often forgo the expense and the experience because we would rather spend our money on items that are necessary or less expensive.

This deprivation of the wonders a museum has to offer is no longer necessary, nor advised.  Museums all over the United States offer free admission to the public, although there are several restrictions on days and times.  These visits will need to be planned due the restrictions and a drop-in visit will most likely result in paying for admission unless you have the good fortune to arrive on a free day.    

A good place to start to look for free admission information is a simple google search.  There are often newspaper feature articles which discuss what museums, who is offered free admission, when free admission is offered, and how to visit for free.  Keep in mind that these articles can be older and I would recommend a call to the museum to confirm which days are free, what times during the day, and what exhibits are included with the free admission.  

The local visitor’s bureau is another place for information on the local tourist destinations.  They will have information on museums but additional sights which may be of interest. They are the go-to for things happening in the area and may know of additional venues which are offering free admission.  A day may consist of a day visit to the museum, then a show later in the evening, and it can all be free if it’s planned in advance. Often times residents of an area don’t visit their visitor’s bureau and may be missing out on some important opportunities to explore their city, town, or region.

Another place that offers free tickets to museums is your local library.  As stated before in Libraries: The Free Entertainment Source and More, the library is a hub of information and is part of a greater network of public attractions.  Libraries will often offer the ability to obtain free museum admission tickets for a set number of members.  They often offer museum tickets for museums outside of the local area, which is a nice perk, especially when traveling within the state or taking a special day with the family.  Some library systems allow their members to check out tickets and the whole process is digital which is quite convenient.

With all the available free admission opportunities to the museums in the area, one can’t help but go and experience the grandeur and the wonder of some of the most impressive exhibits available.

Examples from the most visited cities in the United States:

  • Atlanta Contemporary in Atlanta Ga is always free
  • Chicago History Museum in Chicago Illinois has free admission most Tuesdays from 12:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • History Miami Museum in Miami Florida has free admission on the Second Saturday of the month
  • Houston Museum of African American Culture in Houston Texas has free admission on Sundays
  • Laguna Art Museum in Orange County California has free admission on the first Thursday evening of the month from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Mennello Museum of American Art in Orlando Florida has free admission every second Sunday of the month
  • Socrates Sculpture Park in New York City is always free